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I try to find enjoyment in life's simple things: friends & family, gardening, nature, home projects, etc. The television and radio are generally silent appliances in my home. But sometimes we all need a little help outside of ourselves to lift our hearts with laughter or a song. In my house, that often means switching on "Golden Age" radio shows, classic television or film, or simply turning to a good old-fashioned book.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Intentions for this Blog Space

You have stumbled onto my new blog before I have even had a chance to move beyond this first post!  This area is definitely under construction.

I am hoping to use this blog as a space where I can discuss some of the vintage media which I am enjoying, to compile some of the link lists and assorted facts I've brought together, and to share these with others.  Perhaps others can answer some of my questions, too, or share their own thoughts.

I'm currently enjoying Danny Kaye's work, listening to his radio recordings and viewing his movies in chronological order.  To quote Hedda Hopper, "Wow!"  I'm still in his 1940's work--except for some of his recorded albums and television clips courtesy of YouTube.  No rush.  I'm enjoying this like a good meal:  chewing slowly and savoring every bite!

Most of my vintage media experience is with Golden Age Radio comedy and variety shows, which, in turn, have introduced me to more stars and songs of the late 1930's through the 1950's, and thus sent me back to classic movies and early television.

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